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Welcome to a discovery tour of my three passions

Published by Paul O'Sullivan in Introducion · 4/9/2013 15:20:41
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Welcome to a discovery tour of my three passions (excluding my wife and 3 terrific children!) – Gippsland, farming and food. Over the journey I’ll talk about my fourth passion – wine – but thought the title was getting too long!
I’ve been lucky to be farming in Gippsland for over 20 years – I started out in the Riverina, southern NSW, irrigating pastures and crops, but figured a shift down south meant nature would take care of the watering. Hence we have lush green grass for most of the year to produce succulent fat lambs and prime grass fed beef.
Now, unfortunately, Gippsland isn’t a "sexy" destination – people have been going to the Mornington Peninsula or the Yarra Valley for wine and food for years, and now Kyneton or Heathcote might be in the spotlight. But follow my blog, join in the conversation, and learn how your life could change by visiting Gippsland. I want to tell you what’s happening here on the farms and in the cafes and restaurants around the place, and why we make damn fine pinot noir and chardonnay!
So over the course of time, I want to share stories about my farm and others’, about the history, and what we do and why we do it. I want to talk about the food and how to cook it. I want to talk about the beef and the lamb, and the venison, the seafood, the escargot (sounds much nicer than snails!), the truffles, the asparagus, the garlic, the cheeses, the herbs, the berries ………………………… the wines, the olives and let’s not forget the Walkerville Kiosk ice cream – all within 2 hours drive of Melbourne!!!!
Let’s see - we don’t grow tropical fruits, table grapes or rice, and I don’t think we harvest oysters anywhere, but I’m sure we’ve got everything else covered in Gippsland.
So firstly, where and what is Gippsland? Well, head out the Monash Freeway onto the Princes Highway. The Gippsland region runs from Dandenong to the NSW border – about a 6-8 hour drive, with the Great Dividing Range to the left and Bass Strait to the right. This gives us snow resorts to the north, long stretches of beautiful beaches to the south, and in between, farming land and producers that can rock your sox!
Well that’s the introduction - thanks for your company so far, and send me round to anyone you think might be interested – I want this to be fun (and get you fired up to come to Gippsland).

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